075- “Be Somebody” by Lilah Rose |Electro Pop Rocker

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If there is one thing about Lilah Rose’s music, it has history, roots, and meaning. Her abstract style has really manifested into something beautiful with her newest album that was recently released on August 19th! Enjoy hearing all about the ups and downs of her creative process along with her songs “Young Together” and “Be Somebody” by pressing play above these show notes.

“Be Somebody” Music Video

The Show Note Cheatsheet for Lilah’s Creative Process

3 Word Combo

  • whimsical
  • emotional
  • melodic

Notes on her intro song “Young Together”

  • Captures her childhood memories with a friend that unfortunately passed away.

“Melancholy bliss of growing up.”

  • The writing process went smooth because Lilah tries not to force herself to write.
  • She waits for moments when she can write naturally and honestly.
  • These moments are spread out and sporadic but may come in waves.

“Its weird because I cant write all the time, its very intentional.”

  • Some of her songs are weird and poetic because of this “intentional” style.

Lilah’s Relationship With Music

  • Starts with her Dad and his red Gibson guitar.
  • Started recording her ideas in college when she got a laptop.
  • Now she has restored her dad’s Gibson and uses it to write and perform.

Lilah’s Inspirators

More Electronic

Breakdown Song “Be Somebody”

  • The idea came to her on a hot lazy day when she decided to write emails to booking agents for gigs.
  • The song is all about being the best version of yourself even when you are going through tough times.

“Taking on heavy moments and filling them with love and feeling them with love.”

  • Melody and lyrics came at the same time.

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