077- “You” by Angie and The Deserters | Alt-Country

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There is no doubt that country rocker Angie Bruyere has found her lane in her creative process and her music career. She has put in the hard work and time needed to finally break though with her creative career. Along the way, she has identified what works for her and what it takes to work with many influential people in the music industry.

Angie’s Creative Process Notes

Introduction song “The Gift”:

  • This song was written during a difficult time in Angie’s life.
    • Angie was going through a breakup at the time.
    • After her 2nd work shift after a long day just before getting emotional, she grabbed her guitar and wrote this song.

“In struggle and in pain, there’s a beautiful gift.”

Angie’s relationship to music:

“Its a complete love affair like nothing I’ve ever had.”


Favorite Lyric

“Hey girl like I always said, I always prefer your lips red. Not like the good lord made but what he intended.” – Roger Waters

Angie’s Struggle

  • “I struggle when it’s not authentic.”
    • She does not like to plan writing sessions.

“Its easy to write a song in struggle.”

  • Angie enjoys a glass of whine on her porch when she writes.

Other influences on Angie’s creative process:

“You want to be authentic? Make it your lifestyle.”

  • She moved to Topanga, California.
    • Built a bar.
    • Built a stage.
    • Built a studio.
      • She invites the most creative people around to surround themselves with positivity and creativity.

Creative space:

  • Angie really enjoys writing in the desert to help her think.
    • This strategy helps her feel small to gain a greater perspective.

Instrument of choice:

  • Acoustic guitar.
    • Works with fender.

“The guitar puts me at peace.”

Breakdown song “You”:

  • The idea stemmed from a challenge to prove someone wrong about what it’s like to work with “girl singers”.
  • “You” turned into one of Angie’s favorite songs that she has ever written.
  • The melody and music came first and then the lyrics came.

Links to Angie and The Deserters:

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