079- “Greenland’s Ice” by Cranky George | Folk Indie Rock

Enjoy listening to this artist's process below:

“Nighttime” Official Music Video:

Witness the song that Cranky George started with just one word.

Starting with humble beginnings, Cranky George tries their best not to limit themselves with the type of music they decide to write. With all of the members being multi instrumentalists with various cultural backgrounds, Cranky George dips their toes in many genres while maintaining their signature performance dynamic. Enjoy as the fiddle player Kieran Mulroney describes his own creative process along with the band’s creative process when writing songs with interesting topics backed by unique arrangements.

Show Notes Cheat Sheet:


  • Dermot Mulroney – cello, mandolin, guitar, cymbals, vocals
  • Kieran Mulroney- violin, ukuleles, guitar, cowbell, vocals
  • Brad Wood – bass, hat-box bass-drum, vocals
  • James Fearnley – accordion, guitar, snare, melodica, vocals
  • Sebastian Sheehan – percussion

3 Word Description:

  1. Heartfelt
  2. All Skate (everyone plays their best)
  3. Worldwide

Intro Song “Nighttime”:

  • The idea stemmed from the single word “she”.
    • This led to the idea of how powerful it is to want to be held by and wanting to hold someone.
  • Kieran likes to let one word start a domino effect of inspiration for lyrics.
    • Melody helps to sustain the domino effect.

“I just followed this one.”

Relationship to Music:

  • Kieran’s musical abilities originated from being one of 3 siblings that play orchestral instruments.
    • He has a love for popular music but also appreciates the technicalities of classical music theory.

Cranky George’s Relationship:

  • Started as Cranky George Trio with:
    • Dermot Mulroney
    • Kieran Mulroney
    • James Fearnley
  • In the trio days they would divide the drum kit amongst members which turned out to be a performance dynamic they carried into the full band.
    • Dermot would play high hat on a foot pedal.
    • James played the bass drum with an old fashioned hat box.
    • Kieran played cow bell with his feet.
  • Types of genres that the band likes to explore:
    • Eastern European
    • Gypsy
    • Irish
    • American Folk
    • Pop

Kieran’s Inspirators:

Kieran’s Favorite Lyrics:

“The first heatbreak is like a slap in the face with broken glass.” – Kieran Mulroney

  • Lyric from Tom Wait’s song called “Picture in a Frame”:

“Im gonna love you till the wheels come off.”

Cranky George’s Dynamic:

  • Any idea gets a fair chance and will be tested in front of a lie audience.
  • Since everyone plays multiple instruments, basic ideas can be built up quickly.

“The discovery happens on top of the song.”

 Breakdown Song “Greenland’s Ice”:

  • Irish themed story song about hopelessness backed by up tempo music.
  • The accordion player brought the idea to the band.

“It has a punkish ethic.”

  • Kieran’s favorite moment of the song is letting loose on fiddle in an irish context.

Links to Cranky George:

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