080- Seasons are Changing | Special Announcement

Enjoy listening to this artist's process below:

I am taking a strategic hiatus to design new episodes for season two and I can use your help!

After successfully completing 79 different episodes that explore 38 different genres in season one, hosting this podcast has turned into a lifestyle. This has allowed me to form a clear vision for what the exciting direction of TAP To Music looks like. To ensure the future quality of TAP To Music, season two will not be released until the beginning of the new year.

During the break I will be designing and refining my internal and external creative process related to TAP To Music Podcast. I will also be studying very hard to graduate with my degree in Marketing come December 2016. I have made this special episode announcement to let all of you listeners know that I am NOT giving up on this show, I am just taking some time to make it more enjoyable for you to interact with and to form a stronger bond with your creative process.

Things You Can Expect in Season Two:

  • Improved show notes to help you stay inspired.
  • I plan to post new exciting content on social media based upon the episodes (videos, audio snippets, memes, quotes, and more).
  • Ponder Series episodes will be enhanced in terms of production quality and variety of subject matter.
  • New types of interviews will be introduced.

 Your Feedback Matters!

If you’d like to have an impact on what TAP To Music becomes in Season 2, please fill out this quick form.

Season Two Feedback Form

From the 79 episodes from season one, I welcome your creative and constructive opinions to help me design the episodes for season two of TAP To Music Podcast. Please answer the following questions to help make a big impact on the future direction of TAP To Music Podcast.
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  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

4 Common Threads Found from Guests on the Show from Season One:

  1. Whenever asked about their struggle when creating music, musicians seem to share the struggle of simplifying their music and making time to write in general.
  2. Artists rarely have a single break through moment.
    • Most of the big changes in their career come from a collection of moments that collectively make a big break through.
  3. Most songwriters claim the location where they write music changes frequently.
    • Most of the guests travel and collaborate a lot so they have to create on the go.
    • Other popular locations discussed on the show include their home studios and front and back porches.
  4. It seems like musicians interviewed on the show haven’t made strong connections to how activities they engage in outside of music carry over into their creative processes. This has made for a great topic of discussion during the interview.

 During the Break…

  • Be sure to head on over to our social media pages to keep up with my creative process behind season two’s creation, I will also be posting memorable moments form episodes from season one.
  • Enjoy listening back to the 79 episodes of season one.
    • You can use them as a tool to help inspire you to create in times of writers block!
    • Please fill out the Season Two Feedback Form to help me when I am designing the new episodes for season two. (The form is located above the four common threads.)
  • I will still be accepting submissions to be a guest on the show during the break so if you want to be part of season two, please submit your music to the guest form.

Thank you for all your patience and understanding. I can’t wait to see your feedback for season two and i’ll see you in the new year!

– Nick Johnson


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About the author, Nick

I love to enjoy the process behind almost everything. There is so much to learn from in areas where we normally skim over in our fast pace lives. I am a musician, producer, mixer, and songwriter myself that loves to practice the art of hand balancing and push myself with ninja training on my off time. I too struggle with episodes of writers block and other types of creative barriers. I do not consider myself an expert but more of an infinite student that is even willing to learn from the most in-experienced novice. Everyone has something to offer, only some people are willing to listen. Let your voice be heard.

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