082- Oriana Curls | Choosing to make a statement when songwriting.

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“Lose Myself In You” Official Music Video

“Lose Myself in You” Song:

Inspiration Behind “Lose Myself In You”

  • Stemmed from a great session in front of her piano.
    • Emotions were strong and she channeled those emotions into the song.
  • Written in 30 mins.

“Lose Myself in You” Evolution

  • Oriana worked with many other musicians and producers when writing this song before she found the right producer for the job.
    • She started with a rough idea which consisted of multiple experiences with similar emotional themes.
  • She brought the song to producer Koby Isrealite whom she’s done many songs with in the past.
    • Her trust in Koby’s musical ability was so strong, she asked him to “work his magic”.

Reaction to Koby’s production:

  • “It really opened a new color to the song.”

Oriana’s Favorite Song Elements

  • Towards the end of the song when she sang “Ah Ah”.
  • “Everything is very fluid with depth to the instruments.”

Overal Reactions

  • With the music turning out so good, Oriana started to picture specific movements and dance moves.


Quite easy process but…

  • Oriana took extra time on her vocals.
    • She is very picky with the way she choses to sing on her songs.
    • She generally sings differently when she is in the studio opposed to singing live at a show.
      • When she is singing int he recording studio, Oriana has noticed her voice sounds better when she sings with more breath and less velocity.
        • This makes for a very intimate sound which compliments the instrumentation nicely.

Other People Involved

  • After a majority of the song was recorded she had her co producers look it over to try and add dynamics to the song by adding harmonies and strategic placement of chords to build up transitions.

Current Musical Endeavors

  • Oriana joined a songwriting group.
    • This gives her a deadline, opportunities to collaborate, and a way to stretch her songwriting abilities.
    • This songwriting group asks each member to write one song per week while following specific sets of rules which dictate the subject matter and lyrics.

Fan Q&A

Questions from Oriana’s fan Willem:

1. Q: “How did you achieve in your music to bring out your special sound?”

A: After working with many producers Oriana met Koby Israelite. Together they crafted the “gypsy jazz” sound that Oriana Curls’s fans have come to love.

2. Q: “How are you able to do so many creative things all the time?”

A: Set a priority, seize the opportunity, make yourself available.

Links to Oriana Curls and Koby Israelite

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Koby Israelite 

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