084- Trusting Your Instincts as an Artist | Amilia K Spicer

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“Fill Me Up” Official Music Video

Amilia’s Description of Her Music

“Red, Dirt, Noir”

Introduction song “Harlan” by Amilia K Spicer

  • This song is about a town in Kentucky called Harlan and it was not an easy song to write at first.
  •  The lyrics are based on the stories that Amilia’s dad told her about when he was growing up in Harlan.
    • Visual landscapes and beautiful scenery from Amilia’s home town in Pennsylvania also served as inspiration for the lyrics.
  • “This song is a tribute to my father.”

Recording Struggles for Harlan

  • When Amilia plays this song live, it has a distinctive building quality as the song progresses.
    • It was difficult to portray the same building quality through the recording process because each instrument of the song was recorded separately meaning the band did not all play the song live in the studio together.

Surprises in the Studio

  • When recording her own harmonies for this song, she discovered a new way of stacking harmonies that ended up happening spontaneously while she was recording.
    • The way all of her voices sounded when she started to listen to them all at once was so powerful to Amilia that her heart started to beat fast through the rest of the recording session experience.

Advice for Recording in the Studio

  • “Recording is such a different art than performing live and thats so different than writing a song.”

    • There are so many opportunities to get stuck and become un-inspired.
      • Try picking up an instrument you don’t know how to play and explore (outside the studio).
      • Follow your instincts inside the studio when you get the feeling inside you that something inside you wants to be heard.

Relationship to Music

  • Amilia’s relationship with music became very strained after a while because after all of the creative fun work is done, there is so much more work that involves a different type of perspective and mindset to make all of your creativity worth while in the end.
    • Amilia found herself in this stage longer than she would like to be.
  • Independent artists have to wear so many hats and now she is ready to put on the artist hat once again and reconnect with her creative side.

The Songwriting Struggle

  • Amilia would find herself stuck in rhythm of the song to the point where she happened to fill in words to that rhythm that could be replaced by words that have more value or meaning to the song.

Transitioning from Piano to Guitar

  • There are so many creative benefits to both instrument but when Amilia started to pick up the guitar, she felt a sense of freedom with the instrument because she can take it with her to many different type of places that influence her creativity.
  • The guitar also helped bring a social element into her creative process because a guitar has a way of bringing people together.

Habits or Activities Outside of Music that Contribute to Amilia’s Creativity

  • Yoga and Swimming are found to be really helpful for Amilia when she writes music.
    • The meditative and repetitive motion helps Amilia think about things in a different perspective.

Breakdown Song “Fill Me Up”

  • This song was inspired by Amilia picking up the banjo for the first time.
    • “There is something about the tone or the twang of it that sent me to a back porch.”

  • When writing this song Amilia did not run into any type of writer’s block but that is not the case for every song.

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