087 The road to finishing a song.| Jonathan Cavier

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Jonathan Cavier’s Three Word Description

“Atmospheric Acoustic Pop”

Introduction Song “Phoenix”

  • This song is all about “rising from the ashes of a relationship”.
  • Jonathan worked very hard to portray his vision for the song topic as well as display his band’s live performance image.

Johnathan’s Process Then vs. Now

  • Not much has changed in the way he creates music but a lot has happened since then.
  • Jonathan has started recording in different studio locations including Capitol Records.
    • Since Jonathan has started recording here, he has challenged himself to write three songs every month.
    • “Its a fun process but it is a lot of work.”

  • Although Jonathan is writing new material every month, he still enjoys to salvage old MIDI performances and pair them with new fresh ideas to finish songs that were started long ago.

Jonathan Cavier’s Latest Inspiration

  • Instead of making up characters and situations for song topics, Jonathan Cavier has been inspired to write a “thank you” song dedicated to all the people who has helped him achieve success.
  • He also finds himself interested in the concept of intention and manifesting something you focus on. He is excited to try and write a song to embody this topic.

“Blue Room” Title Track Creative Process

  • While flipping through an art magazine, Jonathan stumbled upon a Picaso painting called “Blue Room”.
    • Jonathan was moved by the painting and decided to make a story behind what he saw.
    • He even added elements in the painting that did not exist to help build his story.
    • The story he thought of consisted of a prostitute that is sitting in the room in the painting wondering what life would be like if she stopped her line of work.
  • Jonathan has been working on this song for 10 years now and has finally created a version and a music video that brings this story to life.
  • The melody came first when he wrote it on piano.

“When You Come Around” Breakdown Song

  • This song is more of a love story but focuses on a tricky element of being in a relationship.
    • Sometimes one person’s feelings in a relationship might progress faster than the other’s. This causes a disconnect in a relationship. This is what “When You Come Around” is about.
  • When coming up with this scenario topic for the song, Jonathan liked to put himself in the shoes of the characters and experience the emotions they might feel in that situation.

Links to Jonathan Cavier

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