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Thank you for choosing to spend your time on taptomusic.com, and since you're here I'm guessing you like music more than most people. Working with other creative people is what keeps myself so inspired to continue to create and I am so happy I can share the experiences with you. I am an open book that does not close to new information so please contact me if you need any type of opinion or help regarding your music. If you would like to give feedback or suggestions for the show's format, content, vision, guests etc. I am all ears. Like I say, TAP To Music is a fanarchy and would love to tailor an episode to your creative needs.

A little history about me:

I grew up in a musical family that has always supported my passion for the giant umbrella that is music. Throughout my life I have realized that music casts a great shadow and boy do I love to stay dry.  I am a musician, producer, and mixing engineer that absolutely loves working with other creative people in the studio. I consider the act of guiding artists through the recording process to be a delicate art in itself that must be nurtured and respected. For five years before starting the podcast, I produced for many artists in Albuquerque, New Mexico and became very fascinated in all of their unique creative processes. I would often start conversation with artists in the studio about their creative process and I found some would tell me how they've never really took the time to think about what exactly helps them create (lifestyle, habits, etc.).  The very conversation ultimately helped them reveal and improve their existing techniques for writing because it moved them to ask self reflective questions. This is when I thought, " I wonder if other people are interested in how other people create music in a similar or different way than I am." After searching for a show to fill my curious need with no luck and the thought marinated for a couple of weeks, I decided to take action to provide an inside look into artist's creative process of all genres. A couple months later I submitted TAP To Music to iTunes in May 2015 and ever since, its been quite the inspiring journey in an insightful way.

Interesting facts about me:

  • I'm addicted to doing handstands and the related rush of seeing if I can press up and hold it on various platforms.
  • I play hand drums for a sacred music yoga class at Blissful Spirits in Albuquerque New Mexico.
  • I am currently working on writing and producing a yoga/mindful movement album with a New Mexican guitar and hand drum focus as a way to test out creative habits and concepts discussed on TAP To Music Podcast.
  • I'm a UNAA competitive athlete training at Ninja Park, an obstacle course gym that contains many obstacles found on the TV show, American Ninja Warrior.
  • I'm an avid hammock enthusiast that is taking up paddle board hand balancing and calisthenics routines. Yes, handstands on water my friends.
  • Wants to help other musicians develop and discover their tailored creative processes. Novice or expert, everyone learns, everyone creates.

Seeing is believing:

This show is here for YOU!

If you think something about the show can be better, I am open to making changes to ensure the best listening experience. If not, I welcome your feedback and love hearing from you. 

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