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077- “You” by Angie and The Deserters | Alt-Country


Listening to Angie’s Creative Process with a podcasting app? CLICK HERE for the show notes cheat sheet. “Country Radio” Music Video: There is no doubt that country rocker Angie Bruyere has found her lane in her creative process and her music career. She has put in the hard work and time needed to finally break though…

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Ponder Series 006- Identifying Creative Triggers


Listening on a podcasting app? CLICK HERE for the full show notes for this episode! Show Notes Cheat Sheet on Creative Triggers From Audio Episode Above: What is a creative trigger? It is an event or circumstance that is the cause of a particular action, process, or situation (in this case songwriting). Sitting around and waiting…

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075- “Be Somebody” by Lilah Rose |Electro Pop Rocker


If you are listening on a podcasting app, CLICK HERE to view the full show note cheat sheet for Lilah Rose’s creative process! If there is one thing about Lilah Rose’s music, it has history, roots, and meaning. Her abstract style has really manifested into something beautiful with her newest album that was recently released on…

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074- “Pearl” by Jonathan Cavier | Pop


Are you listening to this interview on a podcasting app? CLICK HERE for complete show notes and resources discussed. Jonathan Cavier, a very experienced musician from Phoenix Arizona is on a mission to reinvent his position in the music industry. Once part of the internationally successful atmospheric pop duo, EyeTalk Jonathan is looking to use…

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Ponder Series 004- A Path To Collaboration


Are you listening to this episode,  “A Path To Collaboration” on a podcasting app? CLICK HERE to view full show notes with pictures. Collaboration can be a delicate process, there is a fine line between staying in creative flow and clashing with you collaborative buddy’s ideas. Here is a mental checklist to help make sure your collaborative…

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072- “Dare Ya” by Ashley J | Pop/EDM


Are you listening to Ashley’s interview on a podcasting app? CLICK HERE to view full show notes with pictures and music videos. Want to help give Nick feedback with a listeners opinion? Fill out the Collaboration Cue. Have an idea for the ponder series? Share your ideas. Have an answer of a ponder series episode? Share your answers. Dare…

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