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Ponder Series 003- Daily Planning


In order to get the most creativity and inspiration out of your days, understanding how time management, finding your inner child, and choosing your environments when planning your day will vastly improve your creative process. Past inpirators that stress daily planning: Rachel London Episode 042 Sheldon Botler Episode 060 Kwame Binea Episode 34 Inspiring quotes…

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Ponder Series 001- Craftsmanship | Perfecting your Craft


Perfecting your craft. Hello everyone! Hope you all enjoyed Moyer’s creative process on the previous episode. Today is the start of something new! It’s called the ponder series and it will help us all to get thinking thinking about our craft (songwriting) to develop insights and manifest breakthroughs to help us to create music. Question: How necessary…

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069- “Brothers” by MOYER | Acoustic Hip Hop


After close to ten years song writing, MOYER found his way into a new hybrid of music. His choruses are catchy and his process is strategic but at the bottom of it all, he likes to make sure songwriting remains a fun and relaxing activity instead of something he is forced to do. By keeping an…

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068- TAP’s New Chapter (One Year Anniversary)

New Chapter

I sure have spent a lot of time thinking about the future of the show and the future of your listening experience. Thanks to all of the listeners who have given me feedback and encouraged me to keep going! Your support has made for this new found vision I am sharing on today’s episode and…

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