087 The road to finishing a song.| Jonathan Cavier

Johnathan Cavier-2

Show Notes Cheat Sheet Jonathan Cavier’s Three Word Description “Atmospheric Acoustic Pop” Introduction Song “Phoenix” This song is all about “rising from the ashes of a relationship”. Jonathan worked very hard to portray his vision for the song topic as well as display his band’s live performance image. Johnathan’s Process Then vs. Now Not much has…

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069- “Brothers” by MOYER | Acoustic Hip Hop


After close to ten years song writing, MOYER found his way into a new hybrid of music. His choruses are catchy and his process is strategic but at the bottom of it all, he likes to make sure songwriting remains a fun and relaxing activity instead of something he is forced to do. By keeping an…

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061- “With You” by Monaco | Blues Pop Jazz


There are many uses of music, some more powerful than others. Grace Kelly Younger however has developed a relationship with music that will serve as her tool for writing a new chapter in her life and she is ready to share it with the world in hopes of helping others through troublesome times. She graciously…

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060- “Maybe It’s the Moon” by Sheldon Botler


How do musicians deal with constant “rejection” throughout their career? Even developing a strong and clear business plan can be very difficult in this ever evolving music industry. Sheldon Botler (@SheldonBotler) has helpful perspectives when it comes to confronting these challenges as well as not letting these challenges negatively affect the sound of his music. On the creative…

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