079- “Greenland’s Ice” by Cranky George | Folk Indie Rock


“Nighttime” Official Music Video: Witness the song that Cranky George started with just one word. Starting with humble beginnings, Cranky George tries their best not to limit themselves with the type of music they decide to write. With all of the members being multi instrumentalists with various cultural backgrounds, Cranky George dips their toes in…

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054- “Friends, Foes” by Eryn Bent | Folk


A singer songwriter based out of Albuquerque New Mexico, Eryn Bent is very in tune with her creative process and expresses this very clearly during her interview. Hear about her deepest struggles when writing music as well as her technique for wrapping her head around a complicated song topic. The two songs Eryn shares are…

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026- “Disturbing Thoughts” by Yosi Mesbah | Folk


Get into the mind of a soulful and thoughtful songwriter that likes to give her listeners a sense of presence in the stories she sings.  Yosi Mesbah talks about how to approach writing touchy social topics as well as using inspiration in her dreams to write music. Lots to learn from Yosi, here is where you…

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