043- “New York City Groove” by Robert Miller of Project Grand Slam | Rock Infused Jazz


Project Grand Slam has released three albums. Their latest album “Twenty” is a compilation CD featuring 16 of his favorite compositions recorded over the last twenty years with Project Grand Slam and The Robert Miller Group. There is lots to learn from this interview which touched on the current state of the music business, tips on how to go…

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039- “Dream Chasers” by Larry Brown Jr. | Modern Jazz


Larry Brown Jr. has something very special to share with you. His album, The Music and The Movement compliments your day and many common activities you partake in throughout it. From spoken word poetry to instrumental jazz Larry explains his reasons for creating such an album and he also shares the songs “U” and “Dream…

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033- “Blue and Green” arranged by Justefan | Jazz


Sometimes music doesn’t need to be written by you to sound original. Justefan has taken songs from Miles Davis and Keith Jarrett and arranged them in a way that puts a fresh spin on classic songs. Justefan’s instrument of choice is the vibraphone and is accompanied by a bassist Tim Ibsen and drummer Xavier Breaker.…

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032- “Never Forget The Times” by Annique | Rock Jazz

Annique music

Its pretty difficult to mix relevant lyrics with a throwback sound. Annique has found just the right recipe for such a sound. Highly influenced by iconic singers like Nat King Cole or Amy Winehouse, Annique shares her creative process and origins of inspiration for the songs she writes. Enjoy her song breakdown of “Never Forget…

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014- “Eventide” by Christopher Davis | Jazz

Christopher Davis

Christopher Davis is a trumpet player that really embodies his personality through the notes he plays with his trumpet. Jazz is his playing style of choice and he has recently released an album called “Eventide” and he is very excited to share it with you. Chris Davis shares stories of early in his music career,…

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