087 The road to finishing a song.| Jonathan Cavier

Johnathan Cavier-2

Show Notes Cheat Sheet Jonathan Cavier’s Three Word Description “Atmospheric Acoustic Pop” Introduction Song “Phoenix” This song is all about “rising from the ashes of a relationship”. Jonathan worked very hard to portray his vision for the song topic as well as display his band’s live performance image. Johnathan’s Process Then vs. Now Not much has…

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083- Kyle Martin | Becoming A Hybrid Artist


Alien Cowboy Official Lyric Video Kyle Martin’s Newest Music Video “Two Big Holes” by Kyle Martin Song Kyle’s Description of His Music “West Rock” Kyle used to learn classic “honky tonk” country songs but he would play them on an electric guitar with lots of distortion. Intro Song “Alien Cowboy” The idea came from an acoustic…

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077- “You” by Angie and The Deserters | Alt-Country


Listening to Angie’s Creative Process with a podcasting app? CLICK HERE for the show notes cheat sheet. “Country Radio” Music Video: There is no doubt that country rocker Angie Bruyere has found her lane in her creative process and her music career. She has put in the hard work and time needed to finally break though…

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068- TAP’s New Chapter (One Year Anniversary)

New Chapter

I sure have spent a lot of time thinking about the future of the show and the future of your listening experience. Thanks to all of the listeners who have given me feedback and encouraged me to keep going! Your support has made for this new found vision I am sharing on today’s episode and…

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052- “Distant Cry” By C’nky Siwela | EDM Pop


Sometimes, starting off a song by keeping it simple can be one of the hardest techniques to writing music. When you are feeling inspired and motivated, there are so many sounds and feelings you want to portray through your song that it becomes too busy too quickly and suddenly you find yourself stuck in the dreaded…

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