083- Kyle Martin | Becoming A Hybrid Artist


Alien Cowboy Official Lyric Video Kyle Martin’s Newest Music Video “Two Big Holes” by Kyle Martin Song Kyle’s Description of His Music “West Rock” Kyle used to learn classic “honky tonk” country songs but he would play them on an electric guitar with lots of distortion. Intro Song “Alien Cowboy” The idea came from an acoustic…

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075- “Be Somebody” by Lilah Rose |Electro Pop Rocker


If you are listening on a podcasting app, CLICK HERE to view the full show note cheat sheet for Lilah Rose’s creative process! If there is one thing about Lilah Rose’s music, it has history, roots, and meaning. Her abstract style has really manifested into something beautiful with her newest album that was recently released on…

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054- “Friends, Foes” by Eryn Bent | Folk


A singer songwriter based out of Albuquerque New Mexico, Eryn Bent is very in tune with her creative process and expresses this very clearly during her interview. Hear about her deepest struggles when writing music as well as her technique for wrapping her head around a complicated song topic. The two songs Eryn shares are…

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053- “Unreal” by Walls Within | Metal


Ever wondered how a full metal band writes in the studio? Some of Walls Within’s techniques in the studio might surprise you. For instance, the band will roughly record each of their parts and then piece the song structure together using the computer. That way it saves a lot of time and effort. Once the band comes…

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043- “New York City Groove” by Robert Miller of Project Grand Slam | Rock Infused Jazz


Project Grand Slam has released three albums. Their latest album “Twenty” is a compilation CD featuring 16 of his favorite compositions recorded over the last twenty years with Project Grand Slam and The Robert Miller Group. There is lots to learn from this interview which touched on the current state of the music business, tips on how to go…

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