081- James Patrick Morgan |Writing songs you feel like you’ve lived.

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Cover Songs vs. Originals


James Patrick Morgan enjoys reimagining R&B and Pop influenced music while taking on challenges by covering artists like Mariah Carey and Jeremih. Based off of appearance alone, James does not look like the type to be singing hip hop and R&B rooted music so when he steps on the stage and starts singing one of those songs, people are captivated and interested on by the artist and song pairing. Using this element of surprise helps to make a memorable first impression.


Through writing original music, James has found a way to express the diverse mixture of genres influences in his music. He is able to explore through collaboration with other artists from many walks of life to construct a cohesive sound that drives home a point through emotion and lyric.

James's Influences:

"I don't like to listen to one set thing. It is different everyday."

John Mayer 


Daft Punk  

Favorite Lyric:

"City Love" by John Mayer

"She steals my clothes to wear to work
I know, her hairs are on my shirts" - John Mayer

  • Sharing such a small detail that paints a big picture in a song can have a profound impact on the listener which helps them love the song.


Portraying common and relatable emotions while allowing the listener to figure it out on their own by listening.

Creative Space:

  • James prefers the quite to help collect his thoughts.
    • As a musician, he can hear so many sounds and song bits inside his head and being in a quite space allows him to sort through and accurately hear the bits of song ideas.
  • Public places also fills himself with a sense of urgency and accountability.
    • A coffee shop or a lounge type environment is a space that James enjoys creating.

Instrument of Choice:

Guitar is the instrument that James finds himself grabbing the most.

"The guitar allows me to flow off of it and in return, it flows off me."

Breakdown Song "Expected":

This song is all about how many things don't go as planned and how people have a hard time dealing with this unfortunate occurrence.

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I love to enjoy the process behind almost everything. There is so much to learn from in areas where we normally skim over in our fast pace lives. I am a musician, producer, mixer, and songwriter myself that loves to practice the art of hand balancing and push myself with ninja training on my off time. I too struggle with episodes of writers block and other types of creative barriers. I do not consider myself an expert but more of an infinite student that is even willing to learn from the most in-experienced novice. Everyone has something to offer, only some people are willing to listen. Let your voice be heard.

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