"Open your 👀's and 👂🏼's and let the inspiration in."

Inspirator Testimonials

Who is the voice?

Nick Johnson

Nick Johnson

"I don't have the answers but I do have the questions." - Jordan Harbinger (Host of The Art of Charm Podcast)

Wherever my life takes me I like to show up with ample amounts of curiosity to help me and others around to learn and progress. After seven years of producing artists of many genres in Albuquerque, New Mexico and writing many songs of my own, I've become fascinated with artist's unique creative process. In result, I created TAP To Music Podcast to help pass on the inspiration I and others use to create. 

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Your creative input is always welcome.

With your feedback about specific elements of the show, I can continue to be the best host and guide to your creative process I can be. I've made it easy for you to make a big impact on the future of TAP To Music. 

Need an outsiders opinion on a song you are writing?

Even though writer's block can be beneficial to a song's creation, an outsider's input can cause the floodgates of pure creativity to open. Lets brainstorm!