Ponder Series 004- A Path To Collaboration

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Collaboration can be a delicate process, there is a fine line between staying in creative flow and clashing with you collaborative buddy’s ideas. Here is a mental checklist to help make sure your collaborative sessions start off on the right path:

  1. Assess the amount of inspiration you have.

    • This will determine the amount and type of brainstorming you will need to develop your ideas for your newest song.
    • Lots of inspiration = less brainstorming and more time spent sharing your vision for your song with your collaborative buddies.
    • Low amounts of inspiration = more brainstorming with your collaborative buddies to gain inspiration, direction, and purpose for your song.
  2. Brainstorming period (separate from collaborative period).

    • Form a mindset of awareness through this stage.
    • Realize every idea and decision made at this time forms a path of connection with the person you are brainstorming with and with the eventual result of your song.
    • Be ready to ditch an idea for a better path.
  3. Collaborative period.

    • By this time you have already spent the time discussing and trying out different things to find purpose and direction for your song with your collaborative buddy through brainstorming.
    • Be ready to explain your ideas in as many ways as possible. This includes verbally, sonically with an instrument, and visually.
    • You are both in this together so try to be as encouraging as possible but be honest when an idea strays from the purpose of the song (it is not entirely a bad thing.) This shows that your collaborative buddy is thinking outside the box but needs to focus his or her thinking in the confines of the song’s purpose.
    • This is the stage where brainstorming is still allowed but it needs to stay within the parameters of your song’s purpose to ensure progress.

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What has or hasn’t worked in your collaborative efforts?

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I love to enjoy the process behind almost everything. There is so much to learn from in areas where we normally skim over in our fast pace lives. I am a musician, producer, mixer, and songwriter myself that loves to practice the art of hand balancing and push myself with ninja training on my off time. I too struggle with episodes of writers block and other types of creative barriers. I do not consider myself an expert but more of an infinite student that is even willing to learn from the most in-experienced novice. Everyone has something to offer, only some people are willing to listen. Let your voice be heard.

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