Ponder Series 005- Listening With Purpose | Technical Listening

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Choosing quality over quantity has ruled the day again!

Thank you for your patience and for allowing me the extra time to ponder on the subject of technical listening. I am very excited to share the ideas that I have come up with based off of past experiences from guests on the show and from my own creative experience. Here is the cheat sheet for this episode of the ponder series:

Technical Listening Definition:

A way of analyzing your inspirator’s (influence’s) music to allow you to identify emotional and physical similarities in their playing or singing style to help improve your musical abilities.

Purpose of Technical Listening:

  • Self improvement
  • Inspiration

Different Purposes for Listening to Music:

  • Emotional
    • To confirm a feeling you might be having at a given time.
    • To make you feel nostalgic about a certain time period.
    • To help make you feel a desired emotion.
  • Physical
    • To get people to dance together or with themselves.
    • To encourage exercise by listening to motivational or upbeat music.
  • Social
    • To help form a sense of identity.
    • To create a culture or a feeling of belonging.
  • Technical
    • To improve understanding of what is possible in music creation.
    • Helps find similarities in your own musical abilities through comparison.
    • To become inspired.

Origin of Inspiration:

Episode 073 with Saxophone Player Joshua Coleman

All pre and post production was done by Host Nick Johnson. 

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About the author, Nick

I love to enjoy the process behind almost everything. There is so much to learn from in areas where we normally skim over in our fast pace lives. I am a musician, producer, mixer, and songwriter myself that loves to practice the art of hand balancing and push myself with ninja training on my off time. I too struggle with episodes of writers block and other types of creative barriers. I do not consider myself an expert but more of an infinite student that is even willing to learn from the most in-experienced novice. Everyone has something to offer, only some people are willing to listen. Let your voice be heard.

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