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This is the very first episode of TAP To Music Podcast where host Nick Johnson explains what you can expect out of future interviews. By answering some of the questions that will be asked in the interviews, Nick allows you to get a feel for what kind of topics will be discussed.

Hi Nick here! The idea of TAP To Music was inspired by many influences in and outside of the studio. Power house podcaster John Lee Dumas amongst other business podcasts like Internet Business Mastery and Art of Charm all attribute to the motivation needed to start this project. All other inspiration stems from experiences recording with artists in my music studio. By observing how different types of music artists create, I became very fascinated in asking people about their own unique creative process.

TAP To Music is here for YOU and survives because of YOU!

Creating quality music is no easy task. Thats why I release these episodes every week, to make sure you don’t give up on creating music. But thats not the only way I want to help. I am just a phone call, tweet, Facebook message, email, or Skype call away from your next creative endeavor.

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About the author, Nick

I love to enjoy the process behind almost everything. There is so much to learn from in areas where we normally skim over in our fast pace lives. I am a musician, producer, mixer, and songwriter myself that loves to practice the art of hand balancing and push myself with ninja training on my off time. I too struggle with episodes of writers block and other types of creative barriers. I do not consider myself an expert but more of an infinite student that is even willing to learn from the most in-experienced novice. Everyone has something to offer, only some people are willing to listen. Let your voice be heard.

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